Crowdfunding – community supporting art

Crowdfunding is a possibility for all of us to financially support artists and their projects. We are not looking for patrons or sponsors here, but rather backers, enthusiastic art-lovers who wish to contribute to the work of their favourite artists or the realization of any project they may like. It doesn’t matter how small the pledge is, only that all these small sums add up to a significant contribution that counts. And this is how the support of a community can make the dreams of the professionals of the world of performing arts come true!

How does crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding starts with a campaign page: a virtual sheet on which an artist or group present the project they are working on. Here you can find a description of the project, pictures and videos, the most important participants in the project, news about the campaign, and you can also contact the creator of the campaign. Most importantly, you can see the target amount to be collected, and the actual purposes for which the creator is raising it.

You will also find suggested amounts to pledge, and rewards the creator offers for each of them: for instance, free tickets to the show, a poster signed by the members of the group, or even an invitation for a drink backstage after the premiere. As a matter of course, you can always choose to donate any amount other than the ones specified on the campaign page.

The creator of the campaign has a limited time to meet their goal: this is the campaign period. On StageHive, the first part of the campaign period consists of 21 days, during which any pledge you make will appear on the campaign page but will not yet be transferred from your bank account – it will stay there committed until the end of these first 21 days. If the creator manages to collect the target amount, the bank will automatically deduct all pledges donated by that point – as that constitutes a successful campaign. If not, committed amounts on the backers’ accounts will be returned to the backer. A successful campaign then enters into the second part of the campaign period, which lasts for further 15 days, and any pledges made during this period will automatically be transferred to the campaign’s account.

Don’t forget, donating is not the only way you can contribute! Sharing the campaign page on social media will help the creators reach more people, thus increasing the odds for a successful campaign. After closing a successful campaign, the creator shall contact all those backers who have provided their e-mail addresses to deliver their rewards, as only the creator of the campaign is responsible for fulfilling this task. And when the project is happily realized, the creator is due to provide a report sheet as well, which shows the backers how they have spent the funding.

So, if you feel like backing a project, have a look among the campaigns on StageHive! Make a pledge and become an active member of the wonderful world of the performing arts!