We are compelled to say goodbye.

We are compelled to say goodbye.

For the past five years, this project has been in our hearts and souls. We truly loved it and we really wanted it to work, but the pandemic has overwritten our plans. Unfortunately, we cannot go any further, as after a year in lockdown we have met the end of our resources.

We are proud that since the launch of StageHive website and app in 2019, despite a very silent past year, 53 projects have been uploaded, 21 crowdfunding campaigns have met their goals, helping their launchers raise pledges in the amount of HUF 7,850,000 altogether; while 78 projects entered our video competition last year.

We are grateful to Hiventures Venture Capital Fund Management for investing in our project, to both Pentacom and Retroscope for developing our website and apps, to our colleagues for their tireless work and to the media for their outstanding media attention.

Take care of each other and may the work in the performing arts restart as soon as possible!

Meczner Vera & Cortés Sebastián
founders of StageHive

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